Working and living in Belgium

As a highly-skilled worker, you can obtain a work permit without the need for prior labour market analysis.
Minimum gross salary for the blue card Belgium is 53,971 euros (3,877.23 euros x 13,92) for 2019.

Blue Card Procedure für Belgium

Candidate action for a Blue Card EU in Belgium:
Residing in your country of origin? apply for the blue card with the Belgium consular authority.

Already in Belgium? apply for the card with your local foreign nationals department (loket Vreemdelingenzaken).

Employer action for a Blue Card EU in Belgium
* in concurrence with candidate action
* Apply for a temporary employment permit with the appropriate administration

Applying for a work permit

People applying for work permits must do so using the forms available from the regional employment agencies.

More information on applying for a work permit:

How long is the EU Blue Card valid in Belgium?

The work permit for highly-skilled workers is valid for a maximum period of four years, but may be extended. Minimum term of issue is one year.

The application for renewal must be filed one month prior to expiry of the existing work permit. In case of refusal of a work permit, it is possible to appeal against the decision before the competent regional Ministry within one month of notification of the decision to you or your employer.

Spouse of blue card holder is eligible for employment with employment permit and work permit B.

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