Job title: FORECASTER (M/W)

Company: Decathlon

Location: Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Nord

Job Description: At the service of Decathlon’s Brands, Powered by data, you build and communicate the most reliable sales forecasts possible for a type of product or a group of Sports

Responsibilities :

You identify and collect all the data needed to build sales forecasts, whether historical and internal (historical sales dynamics, past commercial operations, self-competition, Deferral of Sales) or prospective and external (consumer trends, competitive movements, macroeconomic context, meteorology, ….)

You analyze all of this data in depth to interpret and co-build the most reliable statistical forecasting models possible (Seasonal Qty & Seasonality curve),

Thanks to these models, you build sales forecasts, on the tactical (12-24 months before the season), operational (6-12 months) and executive (in season) horizons, in order to clarify demand and facilitate economic and supply management of the sports which you are attached. (to serve consistency and alignment)

You communicate on the level of uncertainty of the established forecasts, according to the needs of your interlocutors (Supply Chain, Sports, Marketing, Management Control teams).

Thanks to the analysis of the historical reliability levels of your forecasts, you continuously improve your statistical models of sales forecasts.

Relational field of the position :

The Operational teams of each decathlon’s sport brand (Retail Supplier (RS) – alike Demand Planner, Commercial Director, Product Manager). RS still in charge of validation of the sales forecasts you’ll have built, to use it for more accurate steering of Sport business and inventories. It will be a real partnership with a strong coopération,

The Digital team of Decathlon (IT Product Solutions, Data Science, Data Engineering), that will permit you to grow up the best solution (Algorithm, AI, tools) for our operational users with them.

The Data Unit with the Factory Data Analytics team of Decathlon, that will allow you to obtain internal and external data (historical Data, Foresight, market trend …)

The Distribution Planning teams, whose role is to distribute the goods within the logistics network.


Your profile as Forecaster or Demand Planner, passionate about sport is an asset.

With a Masters degree in business, engineering, or an MBA, you want to live a Data-oriented experience strongly connected to the economic activity of Decathlon,

A strong experience in forecast in distribution sectors (BtC) around the construction of sales forecasts is an asset.

Data Analysis and Data Science affinity is a plus (Good understanding of IT infrastructures, solutions, APIs, knowledge or interest of the basic concepts of Machine Learning)

Technical skills :

Strong knowledge on Demand Planning methodologies

Essential knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel

Mastery of an ERP type SAP/APO or similar

Extensive experience in developing statistical forecasting models

Linguistic and human skills :

You are rigorous and have advanced analytical skills to identify, interpret, script and decide (simple, effective and direct way)

The sense of service and passion for the customer / user are part of your daily life (curiosity, listening, open minded)

You like to work in a team with but also know how to work independently.

You have talent for communication and good relationship for full cooperation (Assertive for functional management)

You are proactive, results-oriented and have a sense of responsibility (being force of proposal, knowing how to decide).

You are able to clearly explain and popularize complex statistical concepts to non-expert collaborators.

You have a strong adaptability, able to work in uncertainty, and by iteration way.

You are fluent in English both written and spoken and you want to grow in an international environment

Our professional paths are rich and diversified, in no way linear. They will be drawn according to your experiences, your successes, your skills and of course your personality. After the profession of Forecaster, you could very well access other professions such as professions within the Supply sector at the global level, towards supply, IT product solutions professions.


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