Post-Doc/Engineer position: Evolution of microbial communities under anaerobic conditions

Job title: Post-Doc/Engineer position: Evolution of microbial communities under anaerobic conditions


Location: Paris

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The composition of a microbiota is strongly linked to the nature and functioning of its host. However, the processes that determine the relative abundance of species are currently poorly understood.

Recent experiments show the possibility of building simplified consortia of microorganisms, using an evolutionary approach (Goldford et al, Science 2018). These results pave the way for the study of bacterial communities in the laboratory, although they remain difficult to implement. This is why we have developed a high-throughput digital millifluidics approach, which involves using millimeter-sized drops (20µL) as bioreactors to compartmentalize and parallelize the cultivation, manipulation, analysis of several hundred microbial consortia, and direct their evolution in an automated fashion.

However, this work is currently carried out under aerobic conditions, which severely limits its suitability for the study of human microbiota or consortia of industrial interest. The aim of this contract will be to set up and run consortium evolution experiments under anaerobic conditions.

This project will be carried out in collaboration with Revobiom, a start-up spin-off from the laboratory ( ), which aims to provide new natural solutions based on microbial communities, to ferment tomorrow’s food, replace pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and increase biofuel production yields.

This project is funded by the PSL Q-Life pre-maturation program.


Specific Requirements

Knowledge and qualities required: Training in microbiology or biotechnology.

Required training (or diploma): Engineer or doctor of science.

Desired experience: in microbiology, particularly on anaerobic cultures. Work on intestinal microbiota would be a plus.

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