Working and living in Luxembourg

General Information Blue Card Luxembourg

To carry out a professional activity as a highly-skilled worker in Luxembourg, you must get a residence permit to stay as a highly-skilled worker.

Once in Luxembourg you must register with the Commune and apply to the Employment and Immigration department for a residence permit as a highly-skilled worker.

Procedure for Blue Card Luxembourg

To be a highly-skilled worker in Luxembourg, you must be able to prove you have a higher education qualification (diploma) or you have at least five years of specialised professional experience.

You must have a work contract for which you have the required qualifications and earn a salary equivalent to at least three times the minimum salary of a non-skilled worker. The employer has to make a declaration of vacant position to the National Employment Agency (ADEM) about the vacancy before recruiting you.
A labour market test will not be necessary.
The government fee for a residence permit application is 80 Euro.


Information guide for third country citizens and their families.

Authorisation to stay for a third-country national – Procedure

Salary Thresholds

EU Blue Card holders salary must now be paid at least 73,998 Euro annual. Hereunder is the list of shortage occupations, for these professions a lower minimum annual salary requirement of 59,198 Euro exists.

  • Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians
  • System analysts
  • Software developers / web and multimedia developers / applications programmers
  • Software and application developers and analysts not elsewhere classified
  • Database designers and administrators / systems administrators
  • Computer network professionals
  • Database and network professionals not elsewhere classified

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