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Information Blue Card EU Portugal

To enter Portugal as a worker for a period of less than six months, you must have a valid temporary stay visa.

For longer periods, you must obtain a residence visa. The residence visa does not automatically grant you a right of residence. Once in Portugal, you must apply for a residence permit.

Procedure for Blue Card EU Portugal

For long-term employment, you must obtain a residence visa. A residence visa does not automatically grant you a right of residence but allows you to enter Portugal for the purpose of applying for a residence permit, when the requirements are met.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES) is responsible for granting visas to highly-skilled workers. The online information is found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Highly qualified subordinate activity)
You must prove that you have an adequate consignment, a work contract or a written proposal.

Residency visas allow two entries and is valid for a period of 4 months. During that time, the holder of a residency visa is required to request a residency permit with the Immigration and Border Services (SEF).

EU Blue Card and residence permit for holders of an EU Blue Card in another EU member state – article 121-a et seq. (article 121-b and 121-k).

Where and how to apply

A temporary stay visa allows you to work as an employee on a temporary basis (less than six months).

The Institute for Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) will first evaluate all offers for temporary appointment submitted by employers. Offers must be published on specific websites. If you want to apply for a temporary job, you must send the application to the employer.

If successful, you can apply for a temporary visa at the embassy or consulate in your country of origin or residence.

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