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General Information for Blue Card EU Slovakia

If you want to go to Slovakia as a “highly-qualified” worker, you should apply for an EU Blue Card and if necessary, a visa.

A Blue Card is issued for up to three years and authorises you to enter, reside, work and to leave and re-enter Slovakia during the term for which it is issued.

To fulfil the conditions for a highly-qualified worker, you must hold a university or college diploma (e.g. Bachelor, Master, PhD), your labour contract must be set for at least one year and must foresee a monthly salary of at least 1.5 times the average monthly wage of an employee working in Slovakia in a similar sector.

Procedure for Blue Card EU Slovakia

At least 30 working days before applying for a Blue Card, your employer must report the vacancy to the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

Generally, you apply for a Blue Card at the Slovak consulate in the country of your citizenship or country of residence. You may also apply for a Blue Card directly in Slovakia at the relevant Alien Police Department if you are residing legally in Slovakia, or within 30 days from entering Slovakia if you already have a Blue Card issued by another EU country.

Extended information can be found on Europe’s Immigration portal – Slovakia

The standard period of validity in Slovakia is: Three years.

Specific rules: In Slovakia, the EU Blue Card is issued for a period of three years. If the employment contract is of shorter duration, the EU Blue Card shall be issued for the duration of the contract plus three months. You can change employment but your new employer must first report vacancy to the Central Labour Office.

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