Working and living in Slovenia

General Information for Blue Card EU Slovenia

If you wish to carry out employment in Slovenia as a highly-qualified worker, you must have an employment contract for highly-qualified work and obtain an EU Blue Card. You must obtain your Blue Card before entering Slovenia as this will include permission to enter Slovenia.

You must have a job contract for highly-qualified work. Highly-qualified work is defined as work performed by a person with at least an university education for which an employment contract, for at least one year, has been signed and which includes a salary of at least 1,5 of the average annual gross salary in Slovenia.

Each year the Government of Slovenia fixes quotas on the number of work permits to be issued to non-EU citizens, which is divided into different groups of permits for different categories of workers, based on the purpose of residing and/or working in Slovenia.

Procedure for Blue Card EU Slovenia

Your employer must have published the job vacancy. If there is no candidate available with the required qualifications on the local labour market, he can proceed with your recruitment.

Once the Employment Service of Slovenia has acccepted to your employment, you must apply for a Blue Card at the Slovenian embassy or consulate in your country of origin or residence.

Alternatively, your employer can apply to the competent administrative unit in Slovenia.

Extended information can be found on Republic of slovenia – Ministry of Interior

Your employer should submit the application for your employment permit to the Employment Service of Slovenia which will examine the current situation in the labour market and the availability of adequate domestic unemployed persons or persons who are, according to the rights to employment, equal to Slovenian citizens.

You can also publish your job search profile here on and present yourself to employers looking for staff

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