After Sales Validation Engineer (Flying doctor) (F/H)

Job title: After Sales Validation Engineer (Flying doctor) (F/H)

Company: Automotive Cells Company

Location: Bruges, Gironde

Job Description: As part of the development of EV battery cell& modules, define with the ACC AFS entities the tests to be carried out in accordance with the availability of ACC equipments, ressources and priorities defined.
– Analyze the Customer EV data related to ACC product, the ACC manufacturing data and define tests set-up and pass failed criteria in order to confirm or not the customer preliminary hypothesis and analyis.
– With the support of Protoline/TestFactory tests results and deviation with our internal standards/specifications analyze the raw data and identify the potential root causes of the failed ACC product.
– To support the customer on their site for deeper analysis for more complex or hazard failure.As a Technical AfterSales Validation Engineer, you are responsible for defining and technically monitoring the AfterSales activities to which you are assigned:o You act as the main technical contact with all stakeholders involved in processing the claim (ACC AFS entities, GigaF Quality, Diagnostic center/TestFactory/analytical lab, ACC logistics, Resident Engineer, and Customer technical AFS services).o You define and develop the test plan to confirm the defect and identify the root causes by interacting with experts (chemistry, mechanics, electrical,..).o You release a synthetesis report of the tests conducted and the identified failure mechanism.o You write lessons learned (RETEX) for production plants and for Resident Engineers to make them autonomous in handling similar future failures.o You act as a „Flying Doctor“ on a customer’s site to carry out initial diagnostic operations or safety measures before shipment.Additionally, You ensure the test plan is followed and provide evidence of the failure:o You issue Test Requests to the Diagnostic center and TestFactory.o You write all test procedures, ensuring they comply with HSE and AFS entities requirements and constraints: procedure, means, expected results, timing, etc.o You check the progress and monitoring (technical planning, KPI work package) of the tests.o You analyze the raw data from various tests/teardowns and analytical lab data with the support of experts or designers if needed.o You continuously shared lessons from experience throughout the different ACC entities and propose improvements to prevent recurrence.Moreover, You interface with ACC/Customer AFS teams:o You are the technical reference to remotely support teams at customer sites by guiding them in diagnostics or technical activities to facilitate initial analysis of the failure.o You are the technical reference who physically supports on-site customer expertise or activities related to packaging/disassembly/shipment of faulty products at customer AFS sites.o You rely on the V&V AFS manager and GigaFactory Quality Plant services to define additional controls to eliminate and/or detect identified failures before shipment to the customer.o You regularly report the status of identified failures to improve validation teams‘ understanding of requirements to strengthen tests impacting product specifications (reliability, safety, performance criteria, etc.).o You monitor product specification changes, as well as validation plans conducted by product engineering teams, to update documents/tests to be performed in case of SAV returns and to train teams at customer sites.Knowledge / Know how:
Li Ion battery, FMEA/PFMEA, Electrochemical and battery manufacturing process, thermal and safety.
Battery tests (electrical, mechanical, thermal, cell tear down) & diagnostic
Knowledge in electrical/ mechanical /thermal structure Functionnal analysis, BMS, data analysis
Problem-solving, and Customer focused state of mind
Reactive, Well organized, Good relationship / communication.Experience:
Min 3 to 5 years in similar job activitiesQualifications (diplomas, languages…):
Master’s degree or Eng degree
English & French mandatoryKey behaviours:
Li Ion battery, FMEA/PFMEA, Electrochemical and battery manufacturing process, power electronics.
Lab equipments for data acquisition and measurements.
Bench test for cell & module (electrical, programming, data extract,…)
Quality tools for serial production control plan
PLM toolsSome extra skills which make the difference:
Chemical knowledges with analytical equipments
Reliability standards (FIDES, MILHDBK217, NPRD….).
Pressure on workload during crisis management.Automotive Cells Company (ACC) est une co-entreprise créée à l’été 2020 par Saft-Total, Stellantis et Mercedes-Benz. Notre ambition est de produire des cellules pour batteries au meilleur niveau technologique tout en rendant la mobilité électrique accessible au plus grand nombre.Pour donner vie à cette ambition, à la fois pour notre centre de R&D et notre ligne test en Nouvelle Aquitaine, mais aussi pour nos gigafactories dans les Hauts de France, en Allemagne et en Italie, nous recherchons des personnes compétentes et agiles, notamment dans les domaines aussi diverses et variés que la R&D, l’industrialisation, la conception mécanique, les tests/prototypages… et toute autre fonction d’une entreprise en pleine expansion.Si vous cherchez à faire évoluer votre carrière au-delà de ce que vous aviez imaginé, si vous êtes passionné par la création de transports plus propres, si rejoindre l’industrie du futur vous stimule, n’hésitez plus et rejoignez nous !Nos Valeurs sont : Esprit Pionnier, Rapidité et agilité, Excellence, Plus Vert, Plus Propre !Découvrez également notre rapport RSE 2022 :


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