Doctor-assistant Graphic Design

Job title: Doctor-assistant Graphic Design

Company: LUCA School of Arts

Location: Gand, Flandre-Orientale

Job Description: Doctor-assistant Graphic Design(80% fixed-term appointment, 50% research – 30% education)Location:PresentationLUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary teaching and research environment where creative talent can develop and evolve artistically, performance-wise and technically. In four cities (Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven), LUCA brings together the teaching expertise of five renowned institutions (Sint-Lukas, Narafi, C-mine, Sint-Lucas and Lemmens). With more than 700 staff members and 3,800 students, LUCA is a creative hub for more than 4,500 artists, theatre and film makers, designers, musicians, photographers, teachers, researchers, etc.LUCA School of Arts‘ artistic research is embedded in KU Leuven’s associated Faculty of Arts. In each city LUCA operates, an artistic research unit is active, linked to the art education programs. At the Visual Arts programme at Ghent campus, research is bundled in . RU Image offers a postdoctoral position for a doctoral assistant to give the a research impulse and to strenghten its research environment with research in graphic design.At LUCA, you will join an environment where respect and integrity define our basic attitude. We see sustainability and diversity as an asset while quality is our driving force. We want to give LUCA a strong identity as an actor in society, let our training institute become part of an artistic laboratory, complement our offer with demand-driven initiatives, and open up our multicampus reality to a network. LUCA wants to create an environment where all talents can develop to their full potential, regardless of gender, age, cultural origin, nationality or disability. We therefore welcome talented people who recognise the added value of diversity and want to help shape an inclusive organisation. #weArtDutiesResearch (50%)

  • As doctor-assistant, you will carry out a postdoctoral research project for 50% of your time, which you will propose during your application. The project proposal is situated in the visual arts, especially in the field of graphic design. Your research draws on an active practice in graphic design and has a current relevance for the development of this discipline. Your proposal constitutes an innovative contribution to the

and actively subscribes to one of . Your project thus reinforces the development of graphic design in our research environment. * You actively contribute to the development of the research cluster in which you are involved and assist supervising professors in organising projects and events that strengthen this research environment (reading groups, symposia, exhibitions, cluster meetings…)

  • You co-supervise doctoral projects and you will sit on doctoral supervision committees when the opportunity or demand arises;
  • You develop high-quality research results and/or processes which you fittingly disseminate;
  • You actively participate in the research culture and activities of RU Image and encourage interaction with other researchers in the unit yourself, possibly also in the research council;
  • You develop an international network, both academically and artistically;
  • Under the supervision of seniors and in collaboration with other researchers in your cluster, you develop an application for external research funding.

Education (30%)

  • As doctoral assistant, you will develop pedagogical activities, methods and concepts that are tailored to students in graphic design, and which are informed by your own research;
  • You supervise students in the artistic and reflective components of their education;
  • You coordinate teaching components of the curriculum and collaborate collegially in that context, both in terms of preparation and implementation as well as regarding evaluation.


  • You hold a PhD in the arts;
  • You are active as a graphic designer, with demonstrable excellence in the field;
  • You like an intense interplay between action and reflection in your artistic practice;
  • You have the ambition and practical skills to become an excellent researcher in your artistic field and to share your insights about it in higher art education;
  • You feel at home in an environment that requires working and thinking independently, but you also enjoy seeking dialogue with others, both within and outside your discipline;
  • You are willing to use your talents within wider research connections, applications, projects and collaborations and you will seek out opportunities to do so yourself;
  • You are willing to communicate about your research on fitting high-standard platforms;
  • You have an artistic and academic network that you are willing to contribute generously to the environment in which you work as a doctor-assistant;
  • You have strong didactic skills, with relevant experience in higher education;
  • You are loyal to the mission, vision and educational policy plan of LUCA School of Arts.
  • You can express yourself fluently in Dutch and English in accordance with the language requirements applicable to Flemish higher education. At the start of the assignment as a doctoral assistant, you must have mastered the language of instruction at ECFR level B1. The administrative language in LUCA is Dutch. If you have no or insufficient knowledge of Dutch, LUCA provides a compulsory integration path with the aim of mastering Dutch at ECFR level B2 within 5 years of appointment.

OfferWe offer a fixed-term appointment (80%) in the vacant post of doctor-assistant (salary scale 509) for a period of three years at LUCA School of Arts / KU Leuven. More information on salary scales can be found on the website of the Department of Education ( The preferred start date is 01/10/2024.Candidates have obtained a PhD in arts at the time of application. The research proposal must be distinctly relevant to the research objectives of RU Image in general and to research development in the field of graphic design in particular. The position reserves 50% for research activities and 30% for teaching activities on campus.ApplicationsMore information can be obtained from RU Image’s head of research, Prof. dr. Tom Van Imschoot ( and from the educational directors of the Visual Arts programme in Ghent, Dr. Bert Vandenbussche ( and Maureen Magerman ( can be submitted until 30/08/2024 to LUCA School of Arts, LUCA HR Department: via CV Warehouse.The application file includes:– a motivation letter;– a proposal articulating your postdoctoral research project, an explanation of your added value and contribution to the research cluster and the prospects you see for collaboration; a three-year plan of action, comprising future activities in a long-term vision on research.– an up-to-date C.V. with portfolio, including former education, research and publications;– a certificate of your doctoral degree.Only complete applications in due time will be accepted.


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