Head Housekeeper • Seasonal Contract • LIVE-OUT • Private Villa | Gordes-Avignon

Job title: Head Housekeeper • Seasonal Contract • LIVE-OUT • Private Villa | Gordes-Avignon

Company: Marinescence

Location: Gordes, Vaucluse

Job Description: PLEASE SEND US YOUR CV DIRECTLY BY EMAIL AT: office@marinescence.com
About the Villa
The villa is located in Gordes, an hour drive outside Avignon. This is a second home.
It is an absolutely beautiful Villa with beautiful gardens surrounding it.
This is a LIVE OUT position. Hence, we are looking only for candidates based in and around Gordes-Avignon, with a car & a valid driver’s license.
There is no possibility of being accommodated.
The project
We are looking for one Head Housekeeper ready to start working from beginning April 2024 until the end of September 2024.You will be joining a permanent team of 2 Gardeners, 1 full-time Junior Housekeeper & the Chef who works on a seasonal basis.
The property is used by the owners and their family, guests, and is especially busy during the summer season.
You will in charge of doing the housekeeping and the laundry as well.
From time to time and especially when the owners or their family are in the Villa, you will need to give a hand on service.
For the Housekeeping:
You will be in-charge of vacuuming/cleaning floors, carpets, surfaces, etc.
You will be in-charge of making the beds, changing linens, setting up the bedrooms and bathrooms, etc
You will be in-charge of cleaning/sanitizing bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, and countertops
You will be in-charge of replenishing toiletries, towels, supplies, etc
Ensuring the main areas as corridors, living rooms are always dusted, tidy and well organized in accordance to the owner’s habits.
in charge of contacting (liaising with) the dry cleaners for all the owner’s clothes which need specific treatment and ask them to come and collect them.
Most importantly, we would like a Housekeeper who understands the habits of the owners and their way of living.
For the Laundry:
take care of all the duties in regards to the Laundry
You will in charge of all the clothes and all the linen when the family is in the villa, and other linen such as towels, bathrobes, bath mats, bed sheets, pillowcases, kitchen cloth, table cloth, etc.
You will be in charge of washing them and cleaning them, removing possible stains, drying them, etc.
You will also be in-charge of ironing the linen, checking that they are in a perfect state before folding them in wardrobes or putting them on hangers in the dressings.
You will also be in charge of ironing all the linen and the clothes.
You will be in charge of cleaning the wardrobes and the dressings.
You will be in charge of putting the clothes and the linen within the proper wardrobes and dressings.
You also need to clean the handbags and the shoes before putting them back in the wardrobes.
You will be in charge of putting/changing the bedsheets on all the beds, depending on the frequency given by the owners. The beds must always be immaculate and in a perfect state.
You will also be in charge of contacting the dry cleaners for specific clothes that can not be washed by hand or in a washing machine but need specific treatment and ask them to come and collect them.
Some other responsibilities that you would have:
Welcoming guests when they enter the villa, setting them up in their respective rooms, luggage handling
Running the errands, doing grocery shopping in the absence of the chef
Desired profile
You must be very autonomous and able to report and respect your hierarchy in the same time.
We are looking for someone who is passionate about service and likes to work in private villas. Previous experience as a housekeeper or as a Head Housekeeper is MANDATORY.
You are comfortable in housekeeping, service and laundry.
You are multi task and flexible, able to follow the processes that are already implemented and able to be reactive when facing something unusual. If someone in the team needs help, you need to be hands on. The team is very close, and everybody, even the Villa Manager work hands in hands.
You are a smiling person, you like to work in a team and you are discrete. You have a positive attitude.
You are autonomous but you know to work in a team.
You are always on time and present well, you have a real sense of human relations and communication comes with an ease to you.
You MUST speak French.
You MUST have a car and a driving licence as you can not access the Villa easily, public transport option can not be considered.
You DO NOT HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD, you are honest and trustworthy.
Salary : 2000 – 2500 euros net per month (depending on experience & profile)
35 hours/week
2 consecutive days off (not necessarily weekend)
Contract: French CDD contract, with a strong possibility of CDIHOW TO APPLY TO THIS JOB OFFER ?
In order to apply, please make sure that you have a EU Passport. If not, please make sure that you have a VALID VISA AND A WORKING PERMIT allowing you to work in France/Europe. If you wish to apply to this job offer, please make sure beforehand that :
you have registered on our website at www.marinescence.com [http://www.marinescence.com/]
and that you have created your profile (if your already have a profile, there is NO NEED TO CREATE A NEW ONE)
While creating/ completing your profile : A lot of questions are dedicated to crew members, please be aware you do not need to complete them.
Please make sure you upload a detailed and updated CV in a PDF format.
For Cooks : Chefs / Head Chefs : pictures of your work are very welcome.
Feel free to email us once you have created / completed your profile at contact@marinescence.com
No application will be considered if the process mentioned above has not been followed initially. No private messages on WhatsApp – No private messages on Facebook or LinkedIn please.Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to hear back from you shortly.

Salary: €2500 per month

Application:apply for this job.

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