Mechanical and thermal modeling of hydrogen storage tanks for the decarbonization of maritime and industrial sectors

Job title: Mechanical and thermal modeling of hydrogen storage tanks for the decarbonization of maritime and industrial sectors


Location: Dunkerque, Nord

Job Description: Offer DescriptionPostdoc job (13 months)Keywords: hydrogen storage, mechanical and thermal behavior, Comsol Multiphysics, Matlab, decarbonization, maritime transport, MOF, adsorption, porous media.Missions/Tasks: mechanical and thermal behavior modeling of hydrogen storage tank during the charge and discharge by integrating the low temperature thermal properties of the porous structures (MOF) constituting the tank measured in the laboratory.Gross monthly salary: € 3,923Net monthly salary: € 2,139Location: UDSMM EA 4476 Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, DUNKERQUE siteDescription:If nothing is done to improve the carbon footprint of maritime propulsion, the International Maritime Organization forecasts 2050 emission levels between 2.5 and 3.5 times those of today, knowing that in 2018 they were estimated at 1,056 million tons of CO2 equivalent. Furthermore, it has been estimated that maritime transport is responsible for 60,000 premature deaths per year [1] due to the emission of fine particles. To change this, one way is to power ships with hydrogen [2,3]. A key point is the storage of this hydrogen, on board and also at ports. This is an important challenge, which goes beyond the maritime context given the numerous applications of hydrogen in the context of energy storage [4] and decarbonization, including industry [5].One of the advantages of sea transport is that the mass of the tanks is not as critical as for air transport. They can therefore be filled with porous materials improving the quantity of hydrogen stored. Among these porous materials, Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are promising. During tank loading and unloading, significant thermal phenomena occur [6,7]. The objective of this post-doctoral contract is to simulate them using the finite element method (Comsol Multiphysics software), using experimental data determined at the laboratory level.[1] J.J. Corbett et al., Mortality from Ship Emissions: A Global Assessment, Environ. Sci. Technol. 41 (2007) 8512-8518.[2] A. Fernández-Ríos et al., Environmental sustainability of alternative marine propulsion technologies powered by hydrogen – a life cycle assessment approach, Science of The Total Environment Volume 820, 10 May (2022) 153189-153200.[3] M. G. Sürer et al., Advancements and current technologies on hydrogen fuel cell applications for marine vehicles, International journal of hydrogen energy 47 (2022) 19865-19875.[4] R. Nagar et al., Recent developments in state-of-the-art hydrogen energy technologies, Review of hydrogen storage materials, Solar Compass 5 (2023) 100033-100067.[5] Q. Hassan et al., Hydrogen energy future: Advancements in storage technologies and implications for sustainability, Journal of Energy Storage 72 (2023) 108404-108420.[6] J. Xiao et al., Simulation of hydrogen storage tank packed with metal-organic framework, International journal of hydrogen energy 38 (2013) 13000-13010.[7] A. Chakraborty et al., Thermal management and desorption modeling of cryo-adsorbent hydrogen storage system, International journal of hydrogen energy 38 (2013) 3973-3986.RequirementsResearch Field Physics » Computational physics Education Level PhD or equivalentSkills/QualificationsDoctor in physics or physical chemistry with experience in multiphysics modeling using Comsol Multiphysics software.Languages ENGLISH Level GoodResearch Field Physics » Computational physicsAdditional InformationWebsite for additional job detailsWork Location(s)Number of offers available 1 Company/Institute UDSMM EA 4476 Country European Union State/Province FRANCE City DUNKERQUE Postal Code 59140 Street 145 AVENUE MAURICE SCHUMANN GeofieldWhere to apply E-mailfabrice.goutier@univ-littoral.frContact State/ProvinceHauts de France CityDUNKERQUE WebsiteStreetMREI1 145 AVENUE MAURICE SCHUMANN Postal Code59140 E-Mailfabrice.goutier@univ-littoral.frSTATUS: EXPIRED

Salary: €2139 per month

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