Research biologist ( M/W )

Job title: Research biologist ( M/W )


Location: Marseille

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The researcher will work on the ANR project MechanoMitoMuscle and investigate how the morphogenesis of the myofibrils is coordinated with the morphogenesis of the mitochondria during flight muscle development in Drosophila pupae. This will address mitochondria – myofibril intercalation (Aim 1 of the ANR grant) and the pressure mediated feedback hypothesis (Aim 2 of the ANR grant).

The researcher will generate immunostainings of dissected Drosophila flight muscles using various established antibodies and combine it with live imaging of myofibrils, mitochondria and microtubules at the concerned time points. Microtubules will be manipulated with newly developed genetic reagents that can be temporally and spatially controlled by blue light. A function for the gene Shortstop will be tested. Developed hypothesis will be tested with the analysis of the available genetic mutations or of RNAi induced knock-down of the studied components. The currently ongoing revisions for the Tono manuscript will be finalised.

Located on the Luminy campus, IBDM employs around 240 permanent researchers, lecturers, engineers and technicians, as well as non-permanent staff on fixed-term contracts, post-docs, PhD students and trainees, spread over 21 research teams and 11 technical platforms and services. IBDM is a joint research unit under the supervision of CNRS and AMU, exploring the field of developmental biology and associated pathologies. The activity will be carried out within the „Muscle Dynamics“ team, headed by Frank Schnorrer. As the team is made up of several nationalities, English is essential.


Research Field Biological sciences Education Level PhD or equivalent

Research Field Biological sciences Education Level PhD or equivalent

Languages FRENCH Level Basic

Research Field Biological sciences Years of Research Experience 1 – 4

Research Field Biological sciences » Biology Years of Research Experience 1 – 4

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The candidate requires to be fluent in English in speaking and writing. Excellent skills in documenting and presenting scientific results in group meeting and seminars. Work flexibly and independently. The candidate needs excellent knowledge of Drosophila genetics, including live imaging. The candidate needs experience with Drosophila muscle biology including larval and flight muscles. The candidate needs excellent communications and writing skills to complete the planned manuscripts.

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