Store employee AH to go Utrecht

Job title: Store employee AH to go Utrecht

Company: NS

Location: Utrecht

Job Description: Jouw beschikbaarheidYour availabilityYou are available for a minimum of 8 hours per week for this vacancy and we can offer a maximum of 12 hours per week contract. For this vacancy you are available for a minimum of two days a week and it’s possible for you to start at 6:00 or end at 1:00 o’clock.You need the following to work with us: you must already have a work permit (we will not help you with a work permit), a Dutch BSN number, a Dutch telephone number and a Dutch bank card.Why you want to work for us as a store employeeDo you enjoy a challenge? Good! Working at AH To go places you in the thick of society. You and your colleagues enable hundreds of passengers to continue their journey quickly. Go, go, go! All that coming and going energises you. Quickly help a passenger in a hurry at the (self-scan) till, bake off fresh croissants, or fill up the cans of energy drink during exam week. You’ve got it.As a store employee at a large station, your job will include filling shelves, cashier work and welcoming and assisting customers. Alternatively, you could be responsible for the fresh rolls in our bakery department. At smaller stations, you do all that! You and your team provide the best service for the Netherlands‘ rail passengers!Fine colleagues, a buzzing environment and plenty of familiar and new faces every day. No two days are the same. But working at the station also entails flexible working hours. It’s not a nine-to-five job, it involves working early and late shifts. Leaving you plenty of time for other things that are important to you.Between us, you and we make travelling by rail even better and more enjoyable for our passengers. Day in, day out. Tomorrow’s journey starts with you.This is how you make traveling by train even better and more fun for our travelers together with us. Every day again. Tomorrow’s journey starts with you.At NS Retail, we all work to the same core values. We do this together, maintain a positive atmosphere, be attentive to one another and achieve the best result together.Curious? Click to read more about our core values.(Dutch)Dit bieden wijAt NS you can count on

  • a good salary (check our salary calculator),
  • a travel allowance of up to €7.96 a day (from 10 km),
  • a permanent contract after 7 months,
  • working flexible shifts with a set number of hours a week,
  • a great team, we do it together!
  • up to 60% discount at various station shops,
  • on-the-job learning and development,
  • a lively buzz in a hectic environment.

Solliciteren naar deze baanApply for this jobApply for this jobSo? Will you soon be putting speed and dynamism first at AH To Go?You will receive an automatic confirmation within a few minutes of submitting your job application and we will respond to your application within 2 working days.Still have any questions? Please do not hesitate to call us on 088 6711330. Or send us your question via WhatsApp to 06 30205440.Good to know:

  • We consider it important that anyone who works for us feels at home. This is reflected in everything we do, including our hiring policy. Read more

. * This vacancy is intended for us to recruit our new colleague ourselves. It is not to be used for marketing purposes.


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